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11.-12.4.2019, Hämeenlinna

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Kohtio is the leading edge conference for educational technology. We offer impressive presentations and speeches and inspiring meetings for professionals and developers in the field of education. You will find the most up-to-date information and expertise in educational technology and competence development.

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fun fact

Kohtio is a Finnish word. It comes from physics and technology. It is a battery or magnet pole, the center, where the wires attach. At the same time, in Finnish, it is a merge of two words; kohti – which means that we are going towards something and kotio – in Tavastia region dialect this means going home and symbolically, getting to the desired destination.

Kohtio-word for the conference is an acronym in Finnish. Here is a short Finnish language lesson, if you like: K = Koulutus =Education / O = Oppijat, Learners / H = Henkilöstö = Personnel / T = Teknologia = Technology / I = Interaktiivisuus = Interactivity / O = Osaaminen = Know-how



“Kohtio conference is a hub for remarkable professionals and excited developers in the educational technology area. Conference offers the newest information and expertise in the field.”

Juha-Pekka Liljander, Kohtio manager