The program will be published in January 2019.

Call for Presentations

What kind of experiences you have from teaching, learning or educational development? Would you like to share your experiments and ideas to others? Give your proposal to Kohtio! Anyone, who is interested in educational technology and its usage, can give a proposal of presentation. We wish proposals form organizations as well.

There are three different presentation types. Pick one and submit the information needed. You can also submit your proposal in video format.

  1. Kohtio speech
  2. Kohtio workshop
  3. Kohtio poster

Presentation types differ from each other by the stage time, style and activity. For more information, please check the CFP-form.


The expert group will evaluate all of the presentation proposals. Each proposal gets at least three evaluations. We are looking for new ideas, fresh thoughts, open-minded trials and crossing borders in the world of education and development.

The evaluation focuses on the Kohtio-perspectives:
Education / Learners / Personnel / Technology / Interactivity / Know-how

The key points are the novelty value of the proposal, pedagogical applicability and future orientation.

Evaluation results will be informed in December 2018 to the contact persons of the proposal and announced speakers. The conference programme has limited amount of slots for the presentations.

Remember to save your proposal by 20 th November 2018!

Kohtio / expert group:

University of Helsinki: Jarkko Lampiselkä, Janne Matikainen
Univeristy of Helsinki, Viikki Teacher Training School: Aleksi Markkanen, Perttu Ervelius
HAMK University of Applied Sciences: Jaana Kullaslahti, Henry Paananen
City of Hämeenlinna: Pasi Rangell
University of Jyväskylä: Pekka Abrahamsson
LUMA-network: Jarkko Lampiselkä
Fininish National Agency for Education: Tomi Ahokas, Minna Taivassalo
University of Tampere, The Research and Education Centre Synergos: Kirsi Heikkilä-Tammi
National Institute for Health and Welfare: Riia Järvenpää

The expert group will be supplemented.

Call for Presentations is open – Submit your proposal by 20th November 2018!